I’m so happy you’re here!

I have known since I was quite young that touch was a gift I would share with the world.  Love is shared by touch, a hand on a shoulder, a warm embrace, a soft caress.  My dream is that that touch, that love, would be passed on, one person to another until it circled the globe.  

I’ve held on to that dream, it’s in every massage I offer.  The skin is the body's largest organ and how we treat it reflects in the rest of the body. I offer massage that provides stress relief and relaxation, but more than that.   Nurturing, calming, relief from pain.  And now, as life would have it, I offer massage to those who are walking on or have been on the path of cancer.  

I look forward to sharing what I have to give with you; my touch, my breath, my heart.


Licensed in OR-22967 and WA-MA 60756919